T0109 - آپارتمان مبله پارک وی

پارک وی, تهران, تهران
3,800.00 $ / ماهانه
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آپارتمان کاملا مبله 2 خوابه واقع در شمال تهران، بسیار شیک ، دسترسی آسان به خیابان ولیعصر. بزرگراه چمران، میدان تجریش و بزرگراه صدر. مناسب اجاره کوتاه مدت و بلند مدت
درخواست جزئیات بیشتر
لطفا سمبل های موجود در تصویر را در فیلد زیر پر کنید
درباره ملک

This accommodation is located in Parkway region which is in the north of Tehran. It has great and immediate access to many highways and BLVDs such as Chamran blvd and Sadr blvd. Also you can easily go to Tajrish square and from there you can use the subway. Subway station in Tehran is truly a gift because you will not get stuck in traffic and also you can travel throughout the city in no time. From Tajrish you can visit many landmarks for instance Bame Tehran, Darband, and Jamshidie Park. The last two land marks mentioned are best known for their beautiful mountain access and in Bame Tehran you are able to go for a walk with friends or family.

In this apartment, one room and one bathroom and two beds are included. This accommodation is very luxurious and it will present you with a great experience. As mentioned this residence is full furnished and beside that all of the furniture are top quality.

To talk about amenities of this flat I must say that we not only provide the basic amenities, but also excellent ones to make our clients feel like the most comfortable and experience a luxurious life style in Tehran. A satellite dish is added, so you can watch and follow up on your favorite TV shows whenever you demand. Smoking is allowed and you can have a secure and strong access to wireless internet. And one extra point about this apartment is that it is useful and suitable for events.

About appliance amenities there is a freezer, oven and range, refrigerator and kitchen dished in the kitchen. TV and vacuum cleaner are also included. It will be easy for you to change the temperature of the apartment due to the installation of the acclimatization. Also we arranged western and eastern toilet. The swimming pool is also there, so you can use it in order to relax and chill out after an adventurous day in Tehran.

Interior design is one of the most important features of each apartment. In this accommodation the floor is covered with ceramic and the whole floor has carpet which brings a good style to the building. The lighting is also another positive side, you will never experience any kind of darkness inside. And the level of tidiness of this flat is uncanny.

Security is the most important factor in StayInIran, so we provide our customers with the maximum security. They will feel safe and sound in our properties. Aside from this apartment being in one of the best regions of Tehran, we also arranged a buzzer and wireless intercom to add to the security of it.

If you are searching for a big, comfortable and luxury accommodation in Tehran for a minimum stay of one month, this is your best choice. You can sublet this flat at a price of $3800 for one month. The security deposit is also $3000.
Make sure to give us a call to get more information about the land, apartment and the prices. We sincerely hope you have an amazing time in this residence.


How can I reserve a furnished apartment?

You can easily book a furnished apartment through www.stayiniran.com, E-mail or by telephone. After confirming the availability of the property, we will notify you. After paying deposit online, the property is fully booked for you.


What happens After paying the deposit? What should I do?

After paying the deposit, the accommodation is fully booked with a warranty for you. You only need to travel to destination and enjoy your trip. In case you need some extra services you can inform us in this step.


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  ودیعه :  3000
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لطفا سمبل های موجود در تصویر را در فیلد زیر پر کنید
لطفا سمبل های موجود در تصویر را در فیلد زیر پر کنید
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